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Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad Ticker Times Two

Mom put an ugly winter coat on me today and took me to the veterinarian's office. I wasn't sure I wanted to go after the conversation I over heard at home. Mom was telling dad that I probably won't live the year out with my heart problems. Dad's got the very same problem but she didn't tell him that he was going to die soon. What's up with that? I'm in better shape than he is. I might have a bad ticker and a little arthritis that makes my joints not move so good, but he can't even walk. I'm sway backed, but he takes ten times as many pills as I do.

My mom is making me crazy. One minute she seems sad about my health and the next minute she's planning my replacement. She even told the veterinary that she'd get one now---before I'm even gone!---if I hadn't peed on a puppy that some friends brought to over to the house a few years ago. Well, he deserved it. Why doesn't anyone understand that? He smelled too much like liver paste.

The vet and my mom talked about my heart, my kidneys, the lump in my groin, and my appetite. How embarrassing it was to have that woman feel me up as if I was a rag doll with no underpants on! Then she handed my mom a bottle of Enalapril pills and a bill for $80 and my mom said she was glad to get out of the place for less than a hundred dollars. I don't understand what all the fuss is about regarding medical bills but for some reason my mom wishes I were on the same insurance plan as my dad. ©

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