Welcome to The Levi and Cooper Chronicles. I'm the 'Cooper' and my baby brother is the 'Levi.' We're not siblings in the literal sense of the word. He's a miniature schnauzer and I'm a miniature poodle but our differences go far beyond our breed. You see, I'm the famous angel dog who blogs from the Rainbow Bridge. Well, not famous down on earth but up here in doggie heaven all canines get to do whatever we like and I like blogging. We dogaroons up here can also gaze down through the magic water under the bridge and keep tabs on our humans. Isn't that cool! After I discovered the magic water, I decided that little Levi---who got adopted into the family shortly after my departure from earth---could use a guardian angel. When he blogs he types in pink and when I put my two cents worth in I type in blue.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Levi, The Material Boy

Things up here at the Rainbow Bridge are slowing down for me. We had so many volunteers wanting to do extra duty to help with the displayed dogs down in the hurricane areas that I got rotated back to my normal job of watching over my earth bound family. A few nights ago when I checked in on them I had to laugh at Mom. She was lying in bed wide awake and watching CNN at 3:30 in the morning while dad slept on one side of her and Levi slept on the other. She's got a not-so-secret addiction to politics which explains why Levi's blogging time is getting short-changed lately.

This morning Mom was talking to Dad about how many material things they've acquired since Levi came along. In the garage are two expandable, freestanding garden fences plus a foot high wire fence. They keep Levi from getting 'lost' while bug hunting in the corners of their three stall garage. It's his favorite play ground. Another expandable garden fence is at the deck steps to keep Levi down in the dog yard when it's raining. And I can't count high enough to catalog all the new toys in the house plus all my old ones that Levi inherited.

Mom's also hauled my old plastic crate and wire cage up from the basement to use for Levi. The plastic crate she's been using in the car since adoption day but she'd been resisting having the wire cage in the laundry room until about a month ago. (I didn't use either one in the last years of my life.) It was something the obedience class instructor said about dogs that aren't used to cages having a hard time when they have to be boarded or go to groomers that made her decide to get Levi cage broke. That and seeing all those hurricane dogs having to be caged while they wait to be reunited with their humans. But Levi hasn't had a bit of trouble in the cage. He's quiet, doesn't try to get out so Mom's no longer worried about him being cage savvy.

Also new: Levi first winter coat. Pretty macho, don't you think. Mine was too small for him.

Below is Levi's 90 foot clothesline that Mom uses in the back yard and his Easy Walk harness. The little blue thing is a Bling Blinker for Levi's collar. It turns on at night and can be seen up to ½ mile. The first night of adult obedience class Levi managed to chew the front off the harness while in route to the class, a ten minute trip---while he was wearing it! Mom bought a cheap dog collar---for the
fabric---and located an upholstery guy who was able to sew and save the pricy harness. The obedience class instructor helped Mom get it adjusted properly so he can't get it in his mouth again. But Mom's not taking any chances. He only wears it when he's working.

Look at all the grooming tools Levi has! Only one is a left-over from my days on earth and Mom plans to buy a table clap and hook like groomers use because Levi is still fighting getting brushed out.

But the real topper is that Mom talked to an electrician a couple of days ago about putting a spot light in the dog yard so she can see him and the toads better at night. That Levi, I don't get his fascination with toads and slugs. Me, I stayed away from these critters. Flies, yes, in my younger days I chased them around the house but I don't recall catching as many as Levi does. Mom says it was nice not having them in the house this past summer. (She's not good at closing doors when she lets Levi out so they sneak in.) But one day she purposely let a fly come inside just to keep Levi busy while she and Dad went away. Sigh, he's just as spoiled as I was.

It's time to get back to my nap. There's a big feather presentation ceremony tonight and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a few permanent feathers added to my training wings. But you know what? I'm not as excited about that as I was when I got my first feather because---well, how do I say this?---because I'm learning that helping those in need has its own awards. ©


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

They like Me! They Really, Really Like Me!

Look what Levi got---awards!! My friend Happy sent me this beauuutiful one....

And my Friend Abby gave me this pretty one....

And my friend George sent me this sparkling one...

Me isn't sure what awards are for but Moomie says it's an honor to be picked. Me asked her if I can eat them. Nope. Me asked her if I can wear them. Nope. She won't let me. She says me can't take them to obedience class either. Why can't Levi do that? If it's an honor I should show them to my teacher. She's judges awards...or is it she get awards for judging? Levi is confused. Oh, well, me don't care. They are pretty and they are mine.

Just a minute Moomie is talking.

She says me has to pass these awards on to other friends. Is that fair? Levi just got them! She can't make me do it now. Me's going to tell her I need to go outside to poop.

Smell ya later. Love Levi


Monday, September 22, 2008

A Jolly Old Butt Smelling Day

Me missed Schnauzer Saturday but it wasn't my fault. Levi couldn't figure out how to turn on the computer. Moomie and Daady had gone away so I was trapped in the boring kitchen ALL afternoon with nothing to do but try to catch the spider in between the window and the screen. They went some place sad. At least I think it was sad because after they got home Daady pretended to cry---waw, waw, waw---many times that evening and Moomie would console him with soft words. She wrote about it in her blog but she says I'm too young and have too many legs to read Accepting the Failings of Age and Disabilities.

Today was very special. We went to a place called a dog park with my cousin Ted. Ted and me never met before but he is part schnauzer and part poodle so we had lots in common. We are the same size, age and temperament. I don't know what that last thingie is but we have good ones, our parents said. At the park we didn't get to know each very well because there were so many other dogs to meet and greet but on the way home we stopped where Ted lives. Boy was I tired when I finally got home. We played and played and played until our tongues hung all the way to the ground and I thought me would step on mine and trip. Moomie and Ted's parents are going to set up play dates for us. Isn't that dogtastic fantastic!

The dog park is far away but the minute Moomie and Daady turned in the driveway Levi knew it was worth the ride. Moomie said there were 50 dogs there between the big dog side and the small dog side. A man at the park said we just missed a Chihuahua club of 100 dogs! He was nice. He helped Moomie push Daady's wheelchair over the dirt so he could sit with all the other dog parents. But Moomie got in trouble for bringing a pocket full of kibble into the park and the man made her take it back to the car. Moomie said she felt like the Pied Piper of Hamelin going back to the entry gate. Levi doesn't know what that means but she was laughing so it must be good.

Well, me has to go hide. Moomie is looking for my hair brush. Smell ya later.

Love, Levi


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Report from the Bridge

When I was on earth I lived in a circle of love. I never knew what it was like to worry about where my next meal would come from nor did I ever experience the fear of not knowing if I'd ever see my home and humans again. Since the hurricanes came to the south I've been getting an angel's view education and it's not an easy lesson to learn. I can look down on earth and see Levi living the life I once lived then in the blink of an eye I can view the displaced and weary dogs who came through hurricanes Gusto and Ike. The contrast makes me so sad.

But along with the sadness comes a sense of pride and renewed respect for what humans are able to accomplish. From my vantage point up here, I've seen the animal rescue workers work until they are bone tired doing what they can and by watching them I've come to understand the true meaning the term 'angels on earth.' I'm glad my mom has written a check to help them out. My angel team is trying to whisper heavenly messages to as many earth bound humans as we can in hopes that they'll all do the same. There is still so much work to be done to help those pets who lived through the wrath of nature.

Speaking of nature, the rains have quit where my humans live, the dirt has dried up and Levi is back to getting off the deck to do his business. And he's back to inspecting the fence in the dog yard in hopes that someone had cut an escape hatch since his last sentry duty. When I checked on him today I had to laugh. Mom had hooked an umbrella to the bottom of the deck steps so the little imp would have a place to hide from the "evil rain" that he hates so much. It looked pretty silly on such a bright, sunny day---a big red, watermelon slice design umbrella popped up and point right at me as I was looking down. Like I said, Levi lives in a circle of love and I pray for all I'm worth that that never changes.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Big Green Dragons and Pantie Surfing

Levi is back for Schnauzer Saturday. Me missed you. Did you miss me? Do you have time to read my diary? Levi had a weird week.

Monday: Moomie and me went back to obedience school. Only one of my friends from puppy class was there---Miss. Rat Terrier. Rat and me played a little while before class but during class we wasn't allowed to do that. All the trainer did was talk, talk, talk and I had to behave myself at Moomie's feet. The trainer told Moomie I settled down since puppy class. Me guesses that is a good thing in their eyes but I was bored. Two of my new classmates are chocolate labs. They were both as BIG as Daady's La-Z-Boy chair but I didn't care. Me ran right up to Mr. Lab and tasted him because I heard that chocolate tastes good. Me thought he tasted just like Rat.

Tuesday: That nasty thingie called a vaccummmm trapped me in the corner of the bedroom and I couldn't get away from it without running past it and Levi was afraid to do that. Me had to wait and wait and wait until Moomie discovered I'd been missing for an hour. She came and put the thingie back in the vaccummmm's cave so I could escape.

Wednesday: A huge big green dragon snake came in the house and breathed fire and steam all over the carpeting. Daady and me stayed in the kitchen but Moomie is a dare-devil so she made friends with the dragon handlers. Me was jealous because she seemed to like that dragon spitting up all over the house. Levi hopes he doesn't come back again. He stole all the good smells in the house!

Thursday: That evil rain came back and me had to keep my pee inside all day until my eyes shined yellow and it was about to spill out of my ears. Moomie is mean, though. She kept trying to make me go outside even though I used my very best manners to say, "No, thank you."

Friday: Me girlfriend at the Starbuck's window gave me another cup of cream. Levi lovvvves her. She is pretty.

Saturday: Well, that is today and Moomie is cleaning the closet and said I couldn't help. Me don't know why. Me is good at dragging panties out to the living room for Daady to see.

Well, that's all I have to say this week.

Smell ya later,

Love Levi


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blood, Pee and Poop Everywhere!

I've hardly had a moment to myself up here at the Rainbow Bridge since I volunteered to help with the dogs in the path of the hurricanes. Those poor dogaroons down there really need what our angel dog team is doing to help calm their fears. It's rewarding work but I feel a little guilty for not being around for my baby brother, Levi. His problem is getting worse.

Levi will be nine months old at the end of the month and he's been housebroke for five of those months but it's been raining a lot where Mom and Dad live and Levi is giving Mom fits about going outside when it's raining and when the dirt in the dog yard is wet. He's even started peeing and popping on the deck. He'll also ask to go out one door and when he finds out it's raining there, he'll run to another outside door and ask to go out, thinking it might not be raining on the other side of the house. Mom has gone back to square one and is sitting outside with him until he goes where he's suppose to go, regardless of the rain on his back or the wet dirt under his paws. He's making progress. This morning he peed on the rubber mat at the bottom of the deck steps and pooped while squatting on my grave stones. That kid has scrambled eggs for brains when it comes to respect for the dead.

Mom's got the right idea about going back to square one, and I'm sure the problem will work itself out, but I did feel sorry for her yesterday. She woke up with Dad saying the S word over and over again. At first she thought he was trying to pull on his pants while Levi was trying to pull them off. But the tone of the word was different this time, not filled with laughter but panic stricken instead. He'd transferred to his wheelchair, cut his foot and had bled all over the carpeting from the bed to the bathroom and Levi was licking it up. Dad is taking a blood thinner so there was a LOT of blood. Mom jumped out of bed---as much as an old person can jump with arthritic joints---to get Dad and the floors cleaned up and to shut Levi out of the master bedroom while she worked. It took a long time and in the meantime Levi pooped and peed in the living room. That was not really his fault given the circumstances but still it wasn't a great way for Mom to start her day.

So tomorrow the carpet cleaners are coming. Between having the blood removed and sanitized—a $95 requirement for "health reasons so says the cleaning company"---and having the floors in three rooms cleaned and the pets stains deodorized that have accumulated since Levi joined the family it will cost Mom $239 total. If I had time, I'd mental telepathy a little humor down to Mom and remind her that puppy stains might be a good reason to get the hardwood floor she wants installed. What the heck, I'll take the time. What's my angel-brother going to do if I show up late for work? Kill me? I'm already dead. ©


Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Flaky Human

Levi is back. Can we talk? Me needs advice on what to do about Moomie. Me loves her but she is a flaky human. How do I help her understand that boy puppies are suppose to do the things me does? Like yesterday we were in the back yard and I was tracking rabbits when me found where they hide their jelly beans in the grass. Levi was enjoying those tasty brown things when Moomie grabbed me and dug them out of my mouth! What self respecting boy puppy dog wouldn't eat bunny beans? Moomie doesn't know the first thing about raising baby boy schnauzers.

Then Wednesday me found Moomie's boobie hammock hanging in the bathroom. Levi is smart. Me figured out how to get it off the hook and I turned it into a pull-toy for my stuffie, Mr. Goose. He was having so much fun riding through the living room and Daady was having fun watching the two of us play until Moomie came along. End of fun. End of Daddy, Mr. Goose and Levi being happy.

All week long it was, "Levi, no!" "Levi, drop it." Levi, Levi, Levi---she is going to wear out my name and I'm not even 9 months old yet. If she does, will she have to start calling me by my middle name? Me doesn't even know how to pronounce it. All I know is it's spelled s-t-r-a-u-s-s and me thinks it is going to sound like a sissy name.

Levi did do one bad thing this week but I can't talk about it. It might get back to Moomie and she hasn't found the friend I brought inside the house yet. (I'm not suppose to do that for some flaky reason.) To tell you the truth I can't find her either. She got away.

Me has to go. Oh, guess what! I heard Moomie say we get to go back to obedience school on Monday. Maybe someone there will set Moomie straight about what boy puppies are suppose to do. Keep your paws crossed for her to learn before she turns me into a girlie dog.

Smell ya later, Love Levi


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Lord almighty it's been a busy week up here at the Rainbow Bridge. My angel brother, Jason---affectingly known as Mr. Do-Good----gathered up a bunch of us dogaroons to help the displaced canine from hurricane Gusto. He's an angel trainer so I'm learning a lot about using our powers. We've been doing our best to help calm the fears of all those displayed dogs caught in Mother Nature's path and I'm learning more about pushing the envelope of what we can and can't do to interfere with life on earth. As I've blogged before, there are rules for being an angel and Jason says I have a tendency to overstep what angels are suppose to do. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I just don't see why I have to be so subtle about helping where I can. But I like earning those pretty, permanent feathers to my trainer wings so I'm trying hard to tow the line.

Speaking of rain and nasty weather, Levi has been giving Mom a fit about all the rain they are getting and I haven't had the time to help out with his fears of going outside when heaven is crying---you know, there are priorities and hurricanes trump plain old rain. This morning it took Mom over an hour and a half to get him to go outside. Even holding an umbrella over his head didn't help. In and out of the door leading to the garage he went---he really had to GO---but Mom had to literally push him out of the garage and onto the deck. Poor Mom, it's supposed to rain all week. She even tried putting my old raincoat on him but he's a nudist and fought that idea tooth and nail.

Well, I've got to get back to work before Jason finds out I took a break. He's a slave driver about his do-good projects and he's extra hard on me. I do have to admit he's pretty inspirational. He doesn't have much trouble getting newbie angels to volunteer to take on extra angel work. I grumble a lot, but secretly I admire his wise and patient teaching methods. It's not like we HAVE TO take part in any of his projects. We can take all the time we need to learn all the ins and outs of being a full-fledged angel-dog. ©