Welcome to The Levi and Cooper Chronicles. I'm the 'Cooper' and my baby brother is the 'Levi.' We're not siblings in the literal sense of the word. He's a miniature schnauzer and I'm a miniature poodle but our differences go far beyond our breed. You see, I'm the famous angel dog who blogs from the Rainbow Bridge. Well, not famous down on earth but up here in doggie heaven all canines get to do whatever we like and I like blogging. We dogaroons up here can also gaze down through the magic water under the bridge and keep tabs on our humans. Isn't that cool! After I discovered the magic water, I decided that little Levi---who got adopted into the family shortly after my departure from earth---could use a guardian angel. When he blogs he types in pink and when I put my two cents worth in I type in blue.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Big Green Dragons and Pantie Surfing

Levi is back for Schnauzer Saturday. Me missed you. Did you miss me? Do you have time to read my diary? Levi had a weird week.

Monday: Moomie and me went back to obedience school. Only one of my friends from puppy class was there---Miss. Rat Terrier. Rat and me played a little while before class but during class we wasn't allowed to do that. All the trainer did was talk, talk, talk and I had to behave myself at Moomie's feet. The trainer told Moomie I settled down since puppy class. Me guesses that is a good thing in their eyes but I was bored. Two of my new classmates are chocolate labs. They were both as BIG as Daady's La-Z-Boy chair but I didn't care. Me ran right up to Mr. Lab and tasted him because I heard that chocolate tastes good. Me thought he tasted just like Rat.

Tuesday: That nasty thingie called a vaccummmm trapped me in the corner of the bedroom and I couldn't get away from it without running past it and Levi was afraid to do that. Me had to wait and wait and wait until Moomie discovered I'd been missing for an hour. She came and put the thingie back in the vaccummmm's cave so I could escape.

Wednesday: A huge big green dragon snake came in the house and breathed fire and steam all over the carpeting. Daady and me stayed in the kitchen but Moomie is a dare-devil so she made friends with the dragon handlers. Me was jealous because she seemed to like that dragon spitting up all over the house. Levi hopes he doesn't come back again. He stole all the good smells in the house!

Thursday: That evil rain came back and me had to keep my pee inside all day until my eyes shined yellow and it was about to spill out of my ears. Moomie is mean, though. She kept trying to make me go outside even though I used my very best manners to say, "No, thank you."

Friday: Me girlfriend at the Starbuck's window gave me another cup of cream. Levi lovvvves her. She is pretty.

Saturday: Well, that is today and Moomie is cleaning the closet and said I couldn't help. Me don't know why. Me is good at dragging panties out to the living room for Daady to see.

Well, that's all I have to say this week.

Smell ya later,

Love Levi



Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

My, you did have a busy week. I would love a starbucks girl who let me have a taste too!!!

Rambo said...

Hey there,
Did you say you get a cup of cream from Starbucks??? Whipped cream??? I'm getting G-Mom to take me right now.

Joe Stains said...

Sounds like quite the week at your house, I think I need me a Starbucks girlfriend too!!

Bolo said...

It's really too bad your mom doesn't approve of your panty parade. That's always so much fun for everyone else. I'm sure your Dad would have enjoyed it too.

COL. Sam ASTA-fari Joe H. Pinkerton Peabody, Esq said...

You are one busy pup! My mom goes to Starbucks, but we never got cream. But, sometimes when we go to McDonald's we get a dog biscuit!

River said...

Hi Levi, I like to drag my mom's nightgown into the living room. Glad the vacuum didn't get you!

love & wags,

Maggie and Mitch said...

You had a very exctiting week, Levi! Don't let Hoover intimidate you! He's really not all that mean! You gotta let him know that you're the boss at your house!
Your Starbucks girl sounds like a dream girl!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Abby said...

Hi, Levi...

You sure had a busy week...

My Mom is thinking about getting that big green dragon snake thing, too...I think the carpet is just fine the way it is...

I'm gonna start school next week...I hope I like it...

Abby xxxooo

Spencer said...

What a busy week you 2 had! Hope you have a GReat weekend!


Georgeous said...

Levi, you have been keeping a very good journal little man. I must tell you though, big green dragons do not exist! The green thing is a floor cleaner, it was cleaning up the poop smells so you learn to go outside no matter how much it rains - now put that raincoat on moomie got you and go out there and get to it, boy Angel Cooper would have something to say about this?!
Puppy love to you now - George

the 4 Bs said...

hi Levi, it sounds like your life is pretty busy these days. you have lots of good stuff going on.

it's too bad the green dragon stold all of your good carpet smells. we hope you can get them back again.


happy said...

Hi Levi, sounds like you had another busy week there! Green dragon? Is it dangerous?

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

You have had a very interesting week, Levi! Watch out for the vacuum thingy...we heard they can suck up puppy dog tails. Robbie Roomba is in the big bedroom sucking up all our furs, right now!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

FleasGang said...

Apparently we're pretty lame because all we did this past week is do the same thing we always do - sleep, eat, pee and poo!

The FleasGang

Charlie Daniels said...

The bif green dragon snake must have been really scary ... and how rude of it to steal all of the great smells from the house! ;-)



Simba said...

Those cleaner things are noisy and nasty.

Simba x

Lady Kaos said...

That is a very busy week! I don't like vacuums either. Once it comes out I yell at it and yell at it and yell at it. it drives Mom crazy, but she still lets it out once in awhile. Grandma lets it out more though. I think Grandma and the vacuum are good buddies!
I'm glad your toad relocation is working. Ours isn't at all. They know their way home!!! We must have the best bugs in the neighborhood. We don't see them every night anymore though and the humminbirds are coming aound as much so we think it must be getting colder at night and they are starting to hybernate. Mom says she'll miss the hummingbirds, but she won't miss the toads. I hpoe we doing get as many as you did. Mom would probably have a nervous breakdown!

Fenway said...

Hi Levi--
Thanks for the birthday wishes. It's been a great year and I tried hard to grow up nicely. Come by my super huge birthday event. I'll put you on the VIP guest list.

Ben the Rotti is my bouncer, and I'll make sure he whisks you into the VIP Playroom. Deetzy Boy is in charge of Fun, so check with him about games. I've got Chaney & Skye the border collies keeping all the dogs in line and away from any mischief. Of course, my friends Stanislaw and Big Pupi are in charge of the tasties...LOTS of meaty bones will be on hand.

See you soon!

Lacy said...

w00f's Levi and angel Cooper, wow, watt a week u had...me not like dat nasty vacuum cleaner either...heehee and me lovesss pantie surfing...yummm cream sounds yummy to me...

b safe,

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