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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

People Beds

I've got this thing about beds. I like to be underneath them. Oh, and did I get in trouble the first time I discovered how much fun that could be. I was just three months old and it was in a motel. I was on my very first vacation, going west to see the mountains. I didn't even have to belly crawl to scoot around down there. It was a jolly good time playing hide and seek until Mom and Dad got so exasperated trying to catch me that Dad huffed and puffed to lift the mattresses up and Mom snatched me off the floor. I spent a lot of time in the motel bathroom after that. That's when I first became acquainted with baby gates. I hate those things.

For many years my mom had an Early American bed that sat high off the floor and my cushy dog bed sat underneath it. Being close at night in a warm place where I could spread out and keep all my toys near by was my utopia for years. Then we moved to this placed called a wheelchair accessible house and my folks spend a lot of time getting the height of the bed just right for my dad to make transfers in and out of bed by himself. I miss that old high bed, though, and my bunker underneath. The new one is so low to the ground I have to belly crawl under it and half the time I get stuck down there.

Not so long ago, I crawled under the bed in the middle of the night looking Kleenex and ear plugs and you guessed it, I got stuck. Again. I cried a little---or a lot depending on whose telling the story---and it woke Mom up. I admit it was kind of scary. She had put plastic boxes under the bed, trying to make it hard for me find room enough to access that space. I fooled her, I got in under there that night, but I couldn't turn around to crawl back out. Mom ended up having to wake my dad up, get him in the wheelchair so she could lift the mattresses up to free me. After that happened, I got banned to staying in the kitchen and laundry room at night, behind the wicked baby gate. Have I mentioned that I hate baby gates? They could at least have the decency to call mine a dog gate in my presence. ©


Penny & Poppy said...

lHi Cooper! Thanks for visiting our bloggy! We hate baby gates too! We have one that is permanently installed between the kitchen and living room. We have another one at the back door. We hate 'em, but they make it pretty convenient for the hoomans sometimes!

Poppy & Penny

Zorra said...

WE hate any type of barrier, and we try our best to show how incompetent they are. Unfortunately, our mom is always rigging up new ways to keep up in certain parts of the house.

We have gotten stuck in places like you, and it isn't fun, is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Coop....

Fenway here.

I share your pain about those baby gates. They sprung up quite suddenly all over my den (house). Check out my blog on this...it's called "Gated Community".

Gates make me barking MAD!

Miss Mae said...

Oh, what a sweet story. You sound like you love your Mom and Dad, though...

Latte said...

Hi Cooper, I love to burrow underneath their bed too, it feels so much like a cave.

parlance said...

Cooper, you are an adventurer! Never a dull moment with you around, I'd say.

candi said...

Hi Cooper Thanks for barking by my site. I'm like you i love sleeping under the duvet. My human parents let me sleep in a chair next to their bed then if i waken up in the early hours, i'm alllowed to go in beside them. :)

Thank goodness i haven't a gate, i don't like them either.

take care
paws up