Welcome to The Levi and Cooper Chronicles. I'm the 'Cooper' and my baby brother is the 'Levi.' We're not siblings in the literal sense of the word. He's a miniature schnauzer and I'm a miniature poodle but our differences go far beyond our breed. You see, I'm the famous angel dog who blogs from the Rainbow Bridge. Well, not famous down on earth but up here in doggie heaven all canines get to do whatever we like and I like blogging. We dogaroons up here can also gaze down through the magic water under the bridge and keep tabs on our humans. Isn't that cool! After I discovered the magic water, I decided that little Levi---who got adopted into the family shortly after my departure from earth---could use a guardian angel. When he blogs he types in pink and when I put my two cents worth in I type in blue.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Little Boy

The windowsills at our house are all very low, only eighteen inches off the floor plus there are three doors with glass panels that are even lower to the floor. A fourth door is solid and it goes to the garage and to a service door that leads to the deck and dog yard. Mom always uses that solid door to take Levi outside.

These past two weeks of house breaking nirvana Levi figured out the best way to tell Mom he has to go outside is to scratch on one of the three glass paneled doors. From her computer wardrobe in the kitchen she can see two of those doors and hear him at the third so it wasn't such a bad plan for my baby brother to devise for himself. Between Mom keeping him on a schedule that fits with Mom and Dad's life style and Levi finally figuring out how to talk to Mom about his bodily urges I'm giving them both A+'s and declaring they can move to the next hurdle in growing Levi into a great furry kid.

Next on the puppy breaking list is biting or grabbing at anything that remotely moves. Bathrobes that flow behind Mom as she walks, Dad's pants as he tries to put them on---you name it, if it's an article of clothing Levi wants it in his mouth. Our dad is right side paralyzed but getting him self dressed is something he learned to accomplish a long time ago. Even so, it's a long process and thus enters Levi to make it even longer. Levi pulls on socks and pant legs as Dad tries one-handed to thread them in place. Mom hears Dad laughing from the bedroom and when he gets to the part where he says one of the few words in his vocabulary---"shit"---Mom goes in to rescue Dad and give Levi a puppy approved toy to chew.

When I was on earth, I had a thing for socks, too. I stole Mom's whenever I could and would take them all through the house. After Dad's stroke I never, ever took dad's socks again even though he always leaves them on the floor. Levi hasn't learned to respect Dad's uniqueness and limitations yet. His dad comes with wheels---doesn't everyone's, he thinks. So along with the regular puppy training stuff, Levi has extra stuff to learn but he's up for challenge. He's a smart little bugger, even if he did cause Mom to 'redecorate' the place now that he's learned how to snatch things off the table tops. Out of the deck he even manages to get himself in trouble. He tries to help with dead heading the flowers only he hasn't got the part about 'dead' right yet and picks the pretty ones instead. But what's really going to get Mom shaking her head is when she figures out that Levi took a snail ceramic off one of the windowsills and "buried" it in the guest bathroom. He's a busy little boy. ©


Lacy said...

w00f's Levi and angel Cooper, ur welcome on the nomination..me luvs ur bloggie, cing watt levi gits into next...heehee the flower part iz funny, 1st thing me did when mama and daddy brung me here, wuz me chewed one of mamas flowers...me not a puppy anymore, me iz a teenager..

b safe,

Jackson said...

Congrats on your nomination, pals! Pawsonally, I've never seen the fascination with socks, except if they have a toy stuffed in them! J x

Charlie Daniels said...

Congrats on the nomination - good stuff. Hey I don't mind having a go at socks either! I mean, if they leave them around the floor ...



Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...

Levi! Cooper! I just wanted to say that Levi looks so handsome with his hair cut! Since I'm getting something like "New-Turd" my human is taking me back to the groomer. I don't know what turds have to do with the grooming...but whatever! Hehehe!

My human has lots of boy collars that would fit Levi if she would like them...Apparently, I outgrew them a long time ago and didn't even get to wear some! Hehehehe!

Hope you all have had a good weekend!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley

4xBs said...

congrats on your nomination. we just voted for you!

we think Levi's playing with all stuff that moves sounds just like Benson, who just turned 1 last week. he's still pure puppy!

we like the gardening tips. we like to help our mom with digging - oops were we supposed to talk about that? don't listen to us, just go ahead with the flowers. hee hee!


Frasier said...

I think I will call you Angel Cooper too.
Thanks for dropping by.I was adopted the week Frasier ended and the parents said that I looked like a frasier!!!

Asta Marie said...

Congrats on your nomination....sorry we can't vote since we do not belong to the forum. Levi has been a busy little boy...but he sure looks nice in his new haircut. I must say that I was an exceptionally good puppy and so was Dewey but not everyone can be so respective of the belongings of others...sometimes you just have to chew on something.

Asta Marie, WFT

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Asta, our blog is so far behind in the voting that there's not much chance of winning anyway. LOL Thanks for the thought, though.

Levi's mom

Maggie & Mitch said...

Congratulations on your nomination! Good luck! We love your blog!
We also think that Levi is a pretty smart boy!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Jake of Florida said...

We do agree that you have an awesome blog!

Levi is looking very cute and you both are obviously doing something right to get an A+ from your supporter over the bridge!!

Lots of wirey love and woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Petra said...

I'm so glad that Levi makes your dad laugh. He sounds like a great dad!

I'm off to vote!

Georgeous said...

Ummm, socks - I love Mummies socks, she has a special pair she rolls up when she wants her slipper back, we do an exchange. I love sucking on the slipper but she discourages it, spoil sport.
I'm glad Levi now gets the message over when he wants toilet...
Love 'n' slobber

Abby said...

Hi, Cooper & Levi...

Congrats on the nomination...Your Blog is truly Awesome...

Sounds like Levi's training is coming along great...Helping Mom in the garden is fun...

Abby xxxooo

Joe Stains said...

sounds like the house training is going well. I am not a fan of socks, but to each his own!!

Fenway said...

We just voted for you and love your site. It's a unique viewpoint, for sure. Angel Cooper is literally ghostwriting.

Your chronicles of Levi's puppy mouthiness sound very familiar. Fenway has a thing for any dangling fabric and his favorite was chewing on the ties to my bathrobe.

Isn't it exhausting to have to think in the future all the time? That's what puppy-proofing feels like! I have enough to keep the "present" sorted out!

happy said...

Levi seems to be learning well now! So your mom won't be forgetting to let him out again.

Congrats on your nomination! Good luck!

Candi said...

Hi Levi and angel Cooper, it's soo good to be back on your blog again, i've missed coming here. My computer is fixed thank goodness. i have already voted for you's :) so good luck with that. Levi i see you are really grown so fast since the last time i seen you. I had and still have a thing about chasing ails and d downstairs and anywhere else when they have their dressing gowns on, its the belt if its hanging, i just want to grab and bite he he he.

lots of licks