Welcome to The Levi and Cooper Chronicles. I'm the 'Cooper' and my baby brother is the 'Levi.' We're not siblings in the literal sense of the word. He's a miniature schnauzer and I'm a miniature poodle but our differences go far beyond our breed. You see, I'm the famous angel dog who blogs from the Rainbow Bridge. Well, not famous down on earth but up here in doggie heaven all canines get to do whatever we like and I like blogging. We dogaroons up here can also gaze down through the magic water under the bridge and keep tabs on our humans. Isn't that cool! After I discovered the magic water, I decided that little Levi---who got adopted into the family shortly after my departure from earth---could use a guardian angel. When he blogs he types in pink and when I put my two cents worth in I type in blue.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three Dog Beds and Mom's Chair

Angel dogs in training are not supposed to be jealous of their charges. And I'm not. Truly I'm not. Really, really, really I'm not. I just want to know why my earth-bound brother, Levi, is allowed to sleep in Mom's chair but I never was. She even had one of those X-Mat pet training things designed to keep me from getting up there. Be warned, dogaroons, those thing hurts when you jump on them!

You're probably thinking there's more to the story. I guess I did leave out that fact that I liked to dig in the chair, too, trying to make a nest for myself while pretending I was out in the wilds of Montana. But Levi will learn to do that as well. Doesn't Mom know that? No, she just lets him sleep where he can keep an eye on her in the kitchen and Dad in his Lazy Z Boy. I'm not jealous---I think I've established that---I'm just concerned for Mom's judgment with raising Levi. She's getting old, you know.

And since I'm making comparisons, he's got three---count them---one, two, three dog beds. I only had one. He's got the soft, cushy one in the laundry room that he uses at night. Another one that fits in the bottom of his crate that Mom keeps in the car, and the third is a 'crate liner' bed that Levi is allowed to drag all through the house so he can plop down and sleep where ever he pleases.

Here is a photo of Levi in his crate liner bed, sleeping next to the waste basket. Can you believe it, he's never looked inside that basket! What self-respecting dog wouldn't have dove in after the junk mail and shredded paper by his age? He's going to be six months old on the 23rd, he should know about waste baskets by now. I hope he's not retarded.

My angel brother Jason says I have a selective memory. He says I didn't need a dog bed in the car because I always got to ride on Mom's lap back in the days when Dad could drive and after that I got to ride on Dad's lap. Levi needs a crate and bed in the car because, 1) he doesn't know enough not to jump out of an open door while Mom is transferring Dad to his wheelchair and 2) times have changed since I was a pup and Mom knows, now, that dogs are safer riding in the back where air bags can't get them.

I'll concede that Jason is right about all of that but he didn't have a logical explanation for why Levi has that third bed. The best he could come up with is that when I am able to let go of my earthly attachment to things, Levi could have a hundred beds and it won't matter to me. This is where Jason loses me with all that Zen stuff. Up here at the Rainbow Bridge, what ever we can imagine having to make us happy---tennis balls, steaks, Sarah with her pink tutu, fields to run in, water to play in---they magically appear. Yet when I look down on earth, all I'm suppose to see and help nurture is love, compassion and laughter.

"You already have that ability inside you," Jason told me. "You just need to master using it."

"Couldn't you just wave a magic wand and make me full angel wings worthy?" I begged him. All I've got now are those stubby trainer wings, you know.

"And have you miss great opportunities to grow and learn?" he answered with a smile. "That's not the angel way."

Love, compassion, laughter, growth, and learning---I'm tired of trying to figure out what all this has to do with Levi having three dog beds and Mom's chair to sleep in. I've got a poker game to go to. I'm out of here. Catch you later, alligators. ©



the 4 Bs said...

hi Cooper, it sounds like you are doing just fine in heaven. we think that Jason is trying to tell you to not worry about the little stuff. it doesn't matter anymore at the rainbow bridge.

now for Levi, woweee he sure has grown and dog oh dog is he handsome! he makes mom want a salt & pepper schnauzer - eek! what???? no mom! no more dogs!

okay okay, well, we're proud of the little guy for not getting into the trash and not digging in the chair. maybe he's gonna be a different dog than you, Cooper, and that's okay, isn't it? in our dog opinions, dogs should have all of the couches, chairs, beds and every comfy spot in the house. just cuz. ... and the trash cans too.


Maggie & Mitch said...

Levi sure looks content on his crate liner! They are great things to have! We each have one too!
We're not allowed on the furniture either, Cooper, so don't feel badly! Hey, I still nest but I rearrange rugs on the floor, my nana's hooked rugs and it drives mom nuts!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

What do you mean he doesn't get into the trash can? I thought Schnauzers were in the terrier family! How can he just ignore a trash can? It took us until we were about 5 years old to finally leave one alone.

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Petra said...

Oh, Cooper, I can see why you have so many questions. Sometimes life on earth just isn't fair.

How did you do in your poker game?!

Lacy said...

w00f's levi and angel Cooper...dat levi iz shure gots a lot of beds...me sleeps on the couch and big bed...hmmm mama says she shooda never let dat start..heehee me sheds a lot...hmmm angel cooper, angel lacylulu wants to no, who taughted u to cheat in poker?? heeheehee...

b safe,

Lindsay said...

Could thing your little brother has someone like you who can put him in his place and show him how things are done. He might be a slow learner, but he'll come around.

Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Cooper

Did you keep a straight face at poker?



happy said...

Chins up, Cooper! You have better and more fun times at the rainbow bridge!

Aaw...Levi sure looked adorable sleeping on his doggie bed.

Abby said...

Hi, Cooper...

Three beds for Levi? He's a pampered little pup...

Your lessons are just a little harder to understand than Levi's...

You both are coming along just fine...

Abby xxxooo

Georgeous said...

I can't imagine enough room in the house for 3 beds? Don't worry Cooper, love is not measured by the ammount of beds.
Love 'n' Snuffs

Simba said...

At least you get to play poker. I hope you get your wings soon.

Simba x

Dewey Dewster said...


Don't ya know the first child is always the one ta get the short end of the stick when it comes ta
discipline....that's cause parents are only learnin' 'n trying ta do things right...then they relax a bit in later years...there are 3 of us and we all get on the furniture...we don't stop ta think whether we are clean or dry either before we hop on...so Gram has covers all over everythin'......that's so we can all relax 'n enjoy ourselves without worryin'....lookin' at those beds made me a bit sleepy.......zzzzzzzzz

Dewey Dewster here.....

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Cooper and Levi -

Grrrrrr, blogger just ate our comments. I (Hershey) have two beds one looks like a mattress and the other was my older sister Bosco's. Mama was not too happy that Papa gave that to me because she wanted to get me my own bed.

Cooper, we think you are doing great in heaven. We hope you have met Bosco. Did you win at the poker game?

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Dewey Dewster's right...(I hate to admit it...) BUT ya sound like our hooman Bruvver and Sissy...Sissy's the oldest and you should hear her bout when SHE got to do stuff vs. when her little Bro got to do stuff...like SHE WAS 16 BEFORE SHE HAD A CELL PHONE, but Bruvver got one earlier etc etc...see Cooper, the Peeps get older and tired-er of all that whining so the subsequent kids/dogs get stuff earlier and usually more of it...ie dog beds. Think of it this way...you were the dog who broke ur peeps in...someday Levi will be up there complainin' with ya...Cooper, it's not fair...!!!!!

Hey, Coop...do some dogs LOSE at poker in Heaven? Hmm...I never win on earth...

I bet ur angel wings are growing nicely...Rome wasn't built in a day ya know!

We love ur blog...it always makes us think!

Special barks for ya Boy!


Pee Ess Mumsie hasn't had trash cans out or off the counters since 1992! With terriers, she just gave up!

Mr. T-Bone Beasley said...


Cooper, it must be a puppy thing 'cause I've got 3 beds too! I have one which my human thinks is her bed, another one by her bed and then another bed in the living room!

Maybe is lack of interest in the trash gets him the chair...beds and such...

Mr. T-Bone Beasley